Winterizing your skincare routine


With cool weather quickly approaching it may be time to to reassess your skincare routine. We've got your back! Here are just a few simple adjustments that could make all the difference during the next few months of cool temperatures.

Consider switching your foaming cleanser, as these can be extra drying.  A soothing and moisturizing cleanser may be best to hold in hydration and prime your face for the rest of your products. Our Sente Daily Soothing or Zerafite Creamy Cleansers are a great option.

Add antioxidant oils & serums to your routine for extra moisture. PAORR antioxidant oil can be used alone or added into your daily moisturizer. Essopi antioxidant serum, and Visual Changes hydrating serum are two other popular products at Ashtoria.

Treat your skin by using a hydrating mask once or twice a week. Try our Probiotic + Pink Himalayan Salt Mask and the Soothing Cucumber Mask.

Don't forget your SPF! Cooler temperatures can't protect you from harmful rays. Count on Ashtoria for all the Elta MD sunscreen options, including tinted and clear.

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