You’ve heard that saying, “eyebrows are sisters, not twins”. Most of us have that one eyebrow that is the straight-A student, always on point. And then… there’s the other one. It’s so close to being symmetrical to its counterpart but it somehow falls short. It’s either sparse in comparison or the hairs grow in the opposite direction of where you need them to. But what if you didn’t have to deal with eyebrows that don’t want to match anymore? Or what if you never had to struggle to apply eyeliner again? Allow me to introduce one of Ashtoria’s most- raved about services: Permanent Cosmetics.

Porter Whybrew               

Our artist, Porter Whybrew, Permanent Cosmetics Tattoo Artist and Educator, has over 20 years of experience in shaping, sculpting, and color application . She specializes in natural- looking enhancements for the face and body and uses the most cutting-edge technology and techniques to customize each individual’s results. Her consults are thorough, as she takes into account your face shape, hair coloring, and unique skin chemistry before proceeding with application. I mentioned that her services include brows and eyeliner, but she also offers lip blushing, permanent eyeshadow, scar camouflage, corrections for thinning hair, and areola restoration. Depending on the technique she uses, the depth the color is applied, and your skin’s chemistry, your results can last up to 1-3 years. Think about all the time that would save in the mornings, not to mention the money you’ll no longer have to spend on cosmetics. I’ve seen Porter’s work on people of all ages and skin tones and I have to say, her results are remarkable and completely unique to the individual. Some clients seem hesitant at first for fear of too dramatic of a result, but Porter’s work can be as conservative or as bold as you want it to be.

Just one example of a full, natural brow done by Porter

If you’re interested in Permanent Cosmetics with Porter, call us to set up your consultation with her!