4 Products That Help Botox Last Longer

Hello, reader! If you haven’t heard, we have re-opened our doors for injectable and laser services. So if you’ve been waiting to schedule a treatment, now is the time!

Upon returning to the office, a client asked me an interesting question while I was booking her appointment: “How can I make my Botox last longer?” This prompted me to compile a list of some things you can do to maintain your results.

The longevity of any Botox treatment depends on the size and strength of your facial muscles, your metabolism, and your body’s response to the formulation of the injectable itself (all factors that are out of our control). However, there are ways to extend the treatment lifetime.

1. Sunscreens – Applying sunscreen daily will help prevent collagen from breaking down and preserve your skin’s elasticity. I recommend any of EltaMD’s daily sunscreens (price will vary depending on the formula, but all are reasonable).

2. Retinols – Rapid skin cell turnover through the use of retinols or liquid exfoliants leads to newer, healthier cells and higher collagen production. I’ve been using the Essopi Retinol Treatment Serum 2X ($65) for the last three and a half months and have seen a noticeable difference in the wrinkles around my mouth, which is my trouble area. 

3. Moisturizers – Hydrated skin naturally looks more plump and youthful, so using a moisturizer morning and night will help Botox in preventing the formation of wrinkles. I recommend taking the Skin Type Solutions questionnaire to determine which moisturizer will be best for your skin type. 

4. Peptides – Products that contain peptides can also help relax wrinkles. Our office favorite, Visual Changes Skincare Resurrection ($98), contains natural messenger peptides that help repair and rebuild the epidermis to prevent the formation of deeper wrinkles. 

The use of these anti-aging products (yes, sunscreen is anti-aging) will aid in your skin’s natural ability to produce new elastin and collagen. The more collagen you produce, the longer your Botox (and even temporary dermal fillers) will last! I recommend taking care of your skin now for better Botox results later. 

While no topical product can give the same results as a Botox treatment, they will give you healthier and younger-looking skin. And who doesn’t want that?! 

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