Are you considering a laser procedure but are concerned about what you’ll look like during the healing process? Or are you a sensitive or acne-prone skin type in search of a foundation that will help treat your condition without worsening it? If you answered yes to either of these questions, meet your new best friend, Oxygenetix. Oxygenetix is the first oxygenating foundation created for medical use and has been an Ashtoria staple since we opened our doors in 2015! Think of it as skincare that just so happens to be a makeup product.

Oxygenetix foundation is the go-to product in our office for those who have just had a laser procedure. Why? Because its air permeable technology promotes healing and keeps skin looking clear and youthful while you’re recovering. Did I mention it contains UVA and UVB protection? The formula contains an aloe-gel base and pro-oxygen complex with no heavy oils, alcohols, or added water, resulting in a foundation that works like a virtual, breathable second skin. We never want a cosmetic procedure to put a patient’s lifestyle on hold, which is why we at Ashtoria love this product! The special blue base/yellow base color range system matches your specific skin tone to reduce or eliminate post-procedure discolorations so that you can go about your normal daily routine and heal simultaneously. Once you’ve finished healing, continued use will help improve and protect your skin tone, so the longer you wear it, the better your skin will look! Both of our laser specialists, Valerie and Angie, boast that they can apply this product after Light to Medium Fractional Laser Treatments without complications.

Even better, Oxygenetix is great for those with acne, rosacea, and sensitive skin. Typical foundations or concealers usually aggravate these conditions, but Oxygenetix is actually ideal and beneficial to them. It soothes and promotes skin healing, helps to minimize scarring, and won’t cause irritation or breakouts. If you suffer from one of the above skin conditions and are used to wearing a full-coverage foundation, this is your product.

Have I piqued your interest? Come by Ashtoria to get matched with your perfect Oxygenetix shade!

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