If you’ve experienced an Ashtoria facial, you’ve seen firsthand what the benefits of LED light therapy can do for your skin (if you haven’t experienced one of our Luxury Medical Facials, then what are you doing?!) After my first treatment, I didn’t really understand the point of lying under some lights for several minutes, but I knew it felt good and that my skin looked great afterward. It wasn’t until I heard Valerie, one of our owners and registered nurses, explain the benefits of light therapy that it made perfect sense to me.

LED (light emitting diodes) has been around since the 1960s and was originally used for plant growth experiments in space. However, over the last several years, it has proven to have excellent results in wound healing and human tissue growth. Different wavelengths of LED lights, like blue and red, are able to penetrate the skin at different depths, which prompts a cellular reaction that helps the skin rejuvenate and heal itself.

The two wavelengths we primarily work with at Ashtoria are blue and red. Blue light is great for those with oily or acne-prone skin types. The light reduces sebaceous activity, which leads to less oil production and can also kill a type of bacteria that causes acne. As someone who has previously struggled with acne breakouts, I can truly attest to the benefits of blue light therapy and its ability to alleviate acne symptoms.

Red light is beneficial for wrinkle-prone skin types or those with scarring from acne or other surface wounds or lesions. As we know, our collagen production depletes as we age, so red light therapy prompts a cellular reaction that leads to collagen remodeling.

With our Luxury Medical Facial, we provide a service that is not only relaxing but effectively treats your skin concerns. Of course, one treatment won’t rid you of skin issues completely, but that’s the beauty of our facial- because it’s customizable, you won’t receive the same facial every time, allowing us to adapt our treatment to your needs. There’s really no better feeling than lying under the warmth of some LED lights while a licensed professional works their magic on your skin. If you close your eyes, it’s just like you’re at the beach (well, almost)!

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