Hello readers! Even if it might not feel like it due to COVID-19 closures and restrictions, summer is indeed upon us. And just like changing our wardrobe to coincide with the seasons, we need to do the same with our skincare. Here are some of my tips for summer skin:

1) Lighten up your routine. If you’re not wearing a winter coat, your skin shouldn’t be either! I recommend switching to a lightweight moisturizer instead of a heavy crème. We produce more sebum in warmer months due to the increase in temperature and humidity in the air, so heavy cremes can leave skin feeling too greasy and clog pores or even cause acne breakouts. This isn’t to say that you should skip your moisturizer altogether- it’s actually imperative that you continue this step in your routine as moisturizers form a barrier to protect skin against harmful pollutants and chemicals. If you’re using a crème cleanser, I also recommend switching to a gel or foam formula to ensure that your skin stays clear.

2) Use sunscreen daily (preferably broad spectrum and medical grade). The most important tip I will give you! We should all be wearing sunscreen daily anyway due to constant exposure to UV and UVA rays but most especially during summer months when UVB rays are most intense. Remember: More sun exposure= increased risk of skin cancer and premature aging. Think of your sunscreen as being just as important as an anti-aging peptide serum. It’s actually more important because it’s helping prevent the formation of wrinkles instead of just treating existing ones.

3) Add an exfoliator to your skincare regimen. Exfoliating can open up clogged pores and remove oils that could lead to acne breakouts. I usually recommend exfoliating only two days a week in colder months, but during the summer I exfoliate three to four days a week- just see what your skin can handle!

4) Limit your exposure to direct sunlight. I would never tell anyone to stay inside all summer, but I do recommend being mindful about how long you’re outside and how much direct sunlight you’re exposed to. Wear a hat, stay in the shade, hang out under an umbrella, and try to avoid the midday sun.

5) Drink lots of water. Staying hydrated is always a good idea for overall health, but especially for your skin in the summer months. Hydration can actually help you recover from a sunburn-but I know you’re all too smart to get those in the first place.

Warmer weather brings its own skincare challenges, but hopefully, these tips will make things a little easier. Stay safe and enjoy these sunny days!

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