Due to spa closures nationwide, I’ve seen some really funny posts and tweets by those concerned with how they’ll look once this quarantine is over. This is a valid concern for those who like to stay on top of their monthly treatments and it’s so heartwarming to me that we can all have a sense of humor about it. I did, however, want to share a few tips on how to maintain a healthy complexion and fight premature aging during this time.

One of the most important things you can do is to go about your skincare regimen like normal. Even though a lot of us aren’t wearing makeup right now, we still need to be washing our faces morning and night and applying our moisturizers, serums, and sunscreens. This fabulous weather we’ve been blessed with has definitely caused me to spend more time outside, so sunscreen is a must. If wrinkle prevention is a concern for you, now would be a great time to invest in a good peptide serum or retinol product. I want to reiterate that Ashtoria is taking virtual consult appointments and offering free product delivery! So if you aren’t sure which product would be best for your skin type, take advantage of this and we can hook you up!

Another thing you can do to maintain a healthy complexion is to drink plenty of water. Drinking an adequate amount of water daily is great for overall health and leaves skin with a radiant glow. How much is “adequate”, you ask? Studies show that drinking as little as two cups a day increases blood flow to the skin. As we know, hydrated skin looks more youthful, so why not aim for more? If you want to get fancy, add some cucumber or lemon to your water for additional nutrients and flavor.

Since I started at Ashtoria, I’ve heard Valerie reiterate to clients that most skin healing and collagen remodeling takes place while we sleep, so this last step requires little to no effort on your end! During sleep, the skin’s blood flow increases, allowing it to rebuild its collagen and repair damage from UV exposure, which reduces wrinkles and age spots. Getting a full night’s sleep (a recommended 7 to 9 hours) will not only prevent you from looking aged, but it has a huge effect on overall mental health and brain performance as well.

None of the tips mentioned above can replace a Botox or laser treatment, but they will help you maintain the progress you’ve made in achieving a healthy, youthful complexion. Now is not the time to abandon self-care! Little steps are just as important as big ones and without them, you’ll be starting at square one. We miss taking care of you guys and we’re so looking forward to seeing you all on the other side of this!

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