One thing I’ve noticed when speaking with clients is that when people hear the word “laser” they tend to freak out or get intimidated. And I get it! But allow me to put your mind at ease by introducing you to the Light Laser Peel (LLP)- one of our best-selling treatments. The LLP is a no-downtime treatment that we like to refer to as a “buff and shine”. It’s a superficial treatment that effectively refines pores, stimulates collagen renewal, and resurfaces the skin’s outermost layer to provide an overall evenness in texture and tone. As I said, this treatment requires no downtime, making it ideal to do before a big event as it gives skin a refreshing glow. I recommend this treatment to clients who want to dip their toe into a laser as it’s a great introductory service and gives them a good idea of what to expect. Clients can also be at ease knowing that their service will be performed by one of our registered nurses, who are both certified to operate a high-caliber laser and have trained with the doctors who invented our esteemed Fotona laser.

Some of the most frequently asked questions about the Light Laser Peel:

What if I’m wearing makeup when I come to get the service?

Wearing makeup to your appointment is entirely up to you! As standard protocol, your service provider will use a gentle cleanser to remove any makeup or facial product residue before beginning your service, so you may find that you prefer to come bare-faced.

What about after? Can I put makeup on?

Absolutely! After your service, your nurse will apply a few medical-grade products such as a hyaluronic acid serum, a lightweight daytime moisturizer, and a medical-grade sunscreen which is the perfect canvas for a makeup application!

Can I be outside after my service?

Sure! The sunscreen that you’ll wear out of our office will provide superior solar protection, but it’s also a good idea to wear a hat if you plan on being outside as you will be a little sun-sensitive.

It’s called a “Light Laser Peel”, so will I actually peel?

You won’t experience peeling in sheets, unlike some treatments. Remember, this is just a light resurfacing treatment so, at most, you’ll experience some microfine flaking.

The Light Laser Peel would be the perfect post-quarantine skin pick-me-up. Spending a lot of time indoors has made my skin look somewhat dull and sallow, so this will probably be the first thing I do when we reopen our doors!

P.S. Your first LLP with us is always 50% off (regularly $400) if you’re looking for something to spend that stimulus check on!

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