I’ve been recommending EltaMD products to Ashtoria clients for the last three years and mentioning this brand on the blog since it started back in December, so I think it’s about time for a brand highlight. EltaMD is a Swiss brand consisting of high-performance, medical-grade wound care, sunscreens, and skincare. We at Ashtoria love recommending their products as they are perfume, paraben, and sulfate free, so they shouldn’t irritate skin unless you have an allergy or sensitivity to a specific ingredient. If you’re an existing client, you know that laser treatments are our bread and butter, and it’s imperative that any products used post-laser are as pure as possible so as not to further irritate the skin. This is why we love EltaMD! The products in their wound healing line as well as a few of their sunscreens are pure enough to use immediately after our deepest laser treatment and even help with the healing process. This only makes sense as this brand started out developing products for burn centers and later decided to expand its line.

I briefly mentioned sunscreens but I want to talk a little more in-depth about why I can’t recommend them enough. These broad spectrum sunscreens are based on skin type, which is genius to me as facial products aren’t just one size fits all. So whether you’re dry or oily or even if you fall somewhere in the middle, there’s a product for you. They also offer every formula in an untinted or tinted option. These tinted sunscreens don’t provide a lot of coverage but give the skin a sheer wash of color that looks so natural and seamless that most clients, as well as most of our staff, prefer wearing it instead of foundation.

I mentioned previously that the EltaMD line does include some skin and body care in addition to their high-performance wound care and sunscreens. These skincare products make a great everyday regimen for men and teens who don’t have any major skin concerns and don’t want a lot of steps in their routine. Their body care products like all the other products in their line are perfume free, which I’ve found I prefer to other body cremes with heavy aromas. Every EltaMD product I’ve used, including their Moisture Rich Body Creme ($27), seems to just melt into my skin, so nothing feels too heavy or topical.

If I could recommend one singular EltaMD product, I would say one of their sunscreens is a must. If you’re unsure which formula works for your skin type, be sure to take advantage of a virtual consult. Already know which sunscreen is your favorite and need to re-up? We’re doing free product delivery for the foreseeable future!

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